Brakes will wear down with time and mileage but are unlikely to become any less effective until the eventually fail completely. For this reason it is important to know how worn your brakes are and when you are likely to need them replacing.

The Brakes on modern cars are made of very durable and hard wearing materials, but they still need regular checks to ensure they’re working correctly.

Your brakes will be checked as part of your cars MOT and any issues or concerns will be raised at this time. If you’re not sure if your brakes are OK it’s always worth popping in and letting one of our highly skilled mechanics inspect them for signs of damage, wear and tear.

Brake Pipes

The pipes are full of brake fluid and when you press the brake pedal the increase in pressure through these pipes is what closes the brakes and makes the car stop.

Brake Pads

The pads are what grips the disc, making the car slow down

Brake Discs

The brake discs are attached and rotate with the wheel. When the brake pedal is press, it’s the pressure of the pads gripping the disc that makes you stop.

Brake Callipers

The brake callipers are what house the brake pads. These are mounted onto the suspension system and move in conjunction with the wheel and brake disc.

During the braking process a lot of heat is generated – sometime you can smell a faint burning smell – this is sometimes called ‘cooking your brakes’